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Leandro Wieczorek. Designer, photographer and traveler who likes

nature, bike, trekking and arts in general. Resident in Porto Alegre,

Brazil. I'm currently living the dream of cycling.




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Expedição Ufológica Latino América (2016-17)

Images of 23.000 km car travel from Brasil to Colombia exploring

countries, places and misteries of the Andean cultures.


Expedição Guanacos I, II e III (2011, 2012, 2013-14)

Photographic blog of car travels in Argentina.

The third adventure is over now! Check out the blog.


Rideaway (2006)

Motorcycle Travel in Latino America.

Check the website and watch the videos

on You Tube. + You Tube Rideaway Channel


Andesnopedal (2000-01)

6.000 km bycicle travel at the Andes,

from Peru to Patagônia.


Hitchhiking Europe (1998)

Backpacker hitchhiking in Western

Europe throught 13 countries.





Webdesign Portfolio (2000-2013)

The internet has changed and

I´ve been there since it´s creation. More than a decade of

web and systems interface design.





List of basic equipment for wild camping.


Background photo: Bolivian Altiplan, 2000. #andesnopedal

Updated in january 2019.


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