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1. Viagem à Islândia



2. Da Holanda à Finlândia em Bicicleta



3. Da Rússia à Albânia em Bicicleta



4. Da Grécia à Suíça em Bicicleta








Instagram @zorek @zorekbike


Flick´r South América Photos


500px - Selection of best clicks.


Zorek Foto - Photographic storic.








Europe bicycle journey (2019)



Imagens and stories from a 10.300 km


bicycle journey, by 24 Europe countries


between march and november 2019.


E-books available at amazon.com


or direct with me.




Autumn in Patagonia (2018)



Imagens from a car travel. 15.000 km


from Porto Alegre to Patagonia


Argentina and Chilean exploring


places and autumn colors.





Expedição Ufológica Latino América




Images of 23.000 km car travel from


Brasil to Colombia, exploring countries,


places and misteries of the Andean


cultures. e-Book available at Amazon


or direct with me.





Expedição Guanacos I, II e III

(2011, 2012, 2014)



Argentina and Chile Travel´s Blog




Rideaway (2006)



Motorcycle Travel in South America.


Check the website and watch videos


You Tube Rideaway Channel




Andesnopedal (2000-01)



6.000 km bicycle travel at the


Andes, from Peru to Patagônia.


My first biketouring! eBook


available at Amazon.




Hitchhiking Europe (1998)



Backpacking and hitchhiking in


Western Europe throught 13


countries. My first big travel.









The internet has changed and I´ve


been there since it´s creation.


More than a decade of graphic


design, web and systems interface.


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Equipment I use for wild camping.



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