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Leandro Wieczorek, graphic/web designer,

photographer and traveler who likes nature,

bike, trekking and arts in general.

Resident in Porto Alegre-RS, Brazil.

By now, I'm living the dream of explore.




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Instagram @zorek @zorekbike @zorekart


Flick´r Brazil photos and South América.


Tumblr - Mostly people´s photos.


500px - Selection of best clicks.


Zorek Foto - Photographic storic.





Expedição Ufológica Latino América (2016-17)

Images of 23.000 km car travel from Brasil to

Colombia, exploring countries, places and

misteries of the Andean cultures.


Expedição Guanacos I, II e III

(2011, 2012, 2014)

Photographic blog of car travels in Argentina

and Chile.


Rideaway (2006)

Motorcycle Travel in South America.

Check the website and watch the videos

on You Tube. + You Tube Rideaway Channel


Andesnopedal (2000-01)

6.000 km bicycle travel at the Andes,

from Peru to Patagônia.


Hitchhiking Europe (1998)

Backpacker hitchhiking in Western

Europe throught 13 countries.





Webdesign Portfolio (2000-2013)

The internet has changed and I´ve been

there since it´s creation. More than a

ecade of web and systems interface design.





List of basic equipment for wild camping.


Background photo: Bolivian Altiplan, 2000.


Updated in march 2019.


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